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Ear seeds

  • 15 min
  • 50 US dollars
  • Covina

Service Description

Yes, ear seeds are a form of acupressure therapy that involves placing small seeds or beads on specific points around the ear to help balance and relax the nervous system. This practice is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Auriculotherapy, which suggests that the ear is a microsystem of the entire body, with various points corresponding to different organs and systems. By applying gentle pressure to these ear points using seeds or beads, ear seeds can help alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, frustration, hormonal imbalances, weight management issues, pain, and more. The pressure on these points is believed to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms and promote overall well-being. Ear seeds are non-invasive, safe, and easy to use. They can be left on the ear for several days or even up to a week, providing continuous acupressure stimulation. It's essential to consult with a trained practitioner or acupuncturist to determine the appropriate placement of ear seeds based on your specific needs and concerns. If you're interested in exploring the benefits of ear seeds for relaxation and balancing the nervous system book your appointment!

Cancellation Policy

Please email or text me if you have to cancel session thank you

Contact Details

  • Covina, CA, USA

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