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Spiritual Goddess

Spiritual Goddess

Goddess is a women who emerges from deep within herself. A women who is in process of learning to know , accept herself and all levels. Mind , body soul, and spirit. She is a women who is able to fall in love within herself. The sacred place that can nurture her soul and make her whole. She is a women that owns her power. She is a bright light. This gift set is design with goddess energy and will help all goddesses balance divine female energy allowing self love, awaking, healing and transforming into the sacred goddess they are. 

Inner Goddess-  pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, and gardenia. this energy candle focuses on self love. Connecting with solar plexus and allowing you to feel and connect with your power 

Sexual Goddess- orange, geranium, rose, passion - this candles focuses on sacral chakra brining out the fire in sexuality and releasing any fear around love. 

Peaceful Goddess- patchouli, lavender, sage, - this energy candle helps connect with your spirit and soul finding inner peace 

Healing Goddess- rosemary, basil , lemon, bergamot - this energy candle helps connect Mother Nature and follow intuition healing aura and chakras.
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