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Protection Energy Candles

Protection Energy Candles

Protection Energy Candle is hand poured made to order. This amazing Candle is made with crystals, herbs, evil eye charms, reiki energy , and Arch Angel Michael connection.  Protect, shield , cleanse your space and energy. Each candle Aroma is made to enhance protection, manifestation, and cleansing. 12oz

Mal De Ojo (evil eye) -dragon of all dragons , sage, Rose helps with protection, clarity, no evil in space , remove jealousy. 

Fuera Envida ( remove envy energy) Rosemary, Myrrh, palo santo , hibiscus flower  helps protect, empowerment, release jealousy/ envy from others, resentments. 

Malas Vibras (remove bad vibes ) 
frankincense, lavender sage, eucalyptus helps with protection, removing bad vibes, open positive energy, calmness. 

Abre Caminos ( clear passage ) - eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, lemon helps with protection, new beginnings, releasing past, abundance 

Arch Angel Michael -jasmine , lavender, geranium ylang ylang helps with protecting your energy and space, direction, self motivation, life purpose, release fear.
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