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Crystal Healing  dough bowl candle

Crystal Healing dough bowl candle

Need a lovely gift idea for Mother's Day?! enjoy our Hand-poured candles with crystals and flower petals create a soothing and luxurious ambiance. The organic soy wax and high-quality aroma add a special touch to make it a truly unique and thoughtful gift for loved ones. I'm sure your friends, family, and coworkers will appreciate the thought and effort you put into selecting such a beautiful and meaningful present.

Safety first!

!Caution please do not leave candle unattended or on more than an hour. Candles shouldn’t be on when 1/4 of wicks is left. !

love you mom- grapefruit mangosteem

serenity - lavender, rosemary

Happiness grid - mango, grapefruit

Goddess grid- Gardenia, jasmine

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