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Mini bath bombs 1inch

Mini bath bombs 1inch

These beautiful bath bombs are the perfect gift. Their amazing relaxing scent help balance and cleanse aura and chakras energy. Made with Essiental oils, herbs, reiki energy, salts.

Custom order available! Pick scent and color.

Happiness- orange , lemon drop

Love- rose , patchouli

Protection- dragon blood

Goddess - rose, Gardenia

Chakra balancing- orange, lavender

Aura -orange, lemon

Serenity lavender, eucalyptus

Spiritual awakening- basil, rosemary,

Anxiety free- eucalyptus, peppermint,

Cord cutting-, frankincense, rose

Grounding- , rosemary , sandalwood

Moon dust - rose water, lavender,

Inner peace- lavender, bergamot,

Inner child healing - rose , myrrh,

Unicorn dreams - cotton candy,

Mermaid goddess - sea salt sage

Stress free - lavender, rosemary

Gentlemen - cedar wood, sandalwood,

Ying/yang energy balancing- lavender , patchouli

Postpartum lavender , geranium, lemon,

Hemp seed oil bath bombs

Love vibes - patchouli rose

Soothing vibes - lavender, eucalyptus

Healing vibes - lemon, Rosemary

Positive vibes - orange, lemon

Menstrual relief - chaste-berry ginger, lavender , chamomile

Summer kiss- pineapple mango

Sweet joy - strawberry milkshake

Minty - peppermint, basil

Banana split - banana split

Smoothie - strawberry milk shake

Universe - blueberries vanilla

Passion - passion guayaba

Seduction - sex bomb

Earth - rosemary palo santo

Fluffy Clouds- cotton candy , berries

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