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Manifestation candles 16oz

Manifestation candles 16oz

Looking to manifest your deepest desires? Look no further than our Manifestation Candle! This stunning 16oz candle is crafted with natural soy wax and infused with crystals, herbs, and glitter to help you bring your dreams to reality.

Whether you're looking for spiritual guidance, a blessing, or simply seeking love or financial abundance in your life, this candle can help. Our candles come in a range of colors.

suit any mood or intention.

Crafted with care and intention by our skilled artisans using only the finest natural ingredients available. Our Manifestation Candle is an excellent tool for meditation

Light up the candle at home while meditating on your goals or simply enjoy its calming ambiance. Get ready to manifest all that vou desire - order now!

Safety first!

!Caution please do not leave candle unattended or on more than an hour. Candles shouldn’t be on when 1/4 of wicks is left. !

Chakra balance - lavender , patchouli

Protection , sage, , patchouli,

Healing lemon, rosemary

Love - guava hibiscus

Let it go! palo santo grapefruit

me time! - berries

new beginnings- pineapple vanilla

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