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Love Candle Set

Love Candle Set

Spiritual Candle Sets are truly magical and thoughtful gift to give to someone embarking on a manifesting journey! The fact that each candle is made with intention, love, and infused with Reiki energy adds a powerful and spiritual dimension to the set. The sets of 6 (4oz) candles in each box offer a variety of scents and intentions to support different aspects of manifesting and spiritual growth.

These candles are not just ordinary candles; they are tools for setting intentions, focusing energy, and manifesting desires. Lighting a candle with a specific intention can help create a sacred space for reflection, meditation, and visualization, enhancing the manifesting process and bringing clarity and alignment to one's goals and aspirations.

The combination of different scents and intentions in the Spiritual Candle Set provides a holistic approach to manifesting, addressing various aspects of life and personal growth. Whether it's for abundance, love, healing, protection, or spiritual connection, each candle in the set serves as a beacon of light and positivity to guide the way on the manifesting journey.

Gifted with love and intention, these Spiritual Candle Sets are not just candles; they are companions on the path to self-discovery, transformation, and manifestation. May they inspire and empower the recipient to manifest their dreams and desires, bringing light, love, and positive energy into their life's journey. 🕯️✨🌿


abundance sets

abundance, money flow , blessings, gratitude, success, promotion

Love set

love, true happiness, self love, wedding, fertility , motivation

Protection set

spiritual cleanse, protection, healing, new beginnings ,home, moon ritual

Safety first!

!Caution please do not leave candle unattended or on more than 4 hours at time. Candles shouldn’t be on when 1/4 of wicks is left. !

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you 👼🏻🙏🏻

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