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Love intention candles

Love intention candles

These beautiful Rose Gold Candle tins are small but powerful. They’re hand poured. Romance Candle are made with crystals, reiki energy, herbs, shiny glitter and organic soy wax. Each candle aroma is intended to help connect with deep love. Romance Candles are 4 oz tint candles. Before lighting candle say or write the word love and think of your intention with love. Breathe in and exhale 3 times. Visualize beautiful pink light around your heart and call upon Arch Angel Chamuel Angel of love. Love is pure and beautiful and everyone deserves to be loved and fine love. Please be careful when opening candle as all glitter and herbs are lose unless you’re ok with being surprised 🥰.

Safety first!

!Caution please do not leave candle unattended or on more than 4 hours at time. Candles shouldn’t be on when 1/4 of wicks is left. ! Remove crystals and any extra floral or glitter. As these candles have energy they will pick up any energy around space please do not leave unattended!


Romance- rose, patchouli

The Note book - vanilla , strawberries

Lovers - hibiscus , dragon fruit

Attraction- watermelon, orange

Engagement- rose Jasmine, lavender

Marry me- peachy mint , rose

Goddess love- peach, pineapple

Soulmate- gummy bears , strawberries

Twin Flame - lick me all over , sex bomb

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