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Crystal grid candles

Crystal grid candles

This beautiful unique hand poured candle made with crystals , natural soy wax, crystals, high quality aroma and wood wicks. Crystal grid Candle is made to order each candle is personalized to each client. I personalize each candle with crystals and herbs based on my intuition and what I feel your candle might need to help you. if you want candle to look just like picture please let me know. 👼🏻🙏🏻

Safety first!

!Caution please do not leave candle unattended or on more than an hour. Candles shouldn’t be on when 1/4 of wicks is left. !

!!Please message me if you would like regular Wicks or wood Wicks!!

Love- guyaba, passion

Protection- palo santo , grapefruit

Happiness grid - mango, pineapple

Goddess grid- Gardenia, rose

Manifest- blue sage, sandalwood

abundance- myrrh, cinnamon

healing- Angelica

clearing- patchouli rosewood

holiday scents


cookies and cream


Christmas tree

carrot cake

birthday cake

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