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Crystal Quartz Energy Candles

Crystal Quartz Energy Candles

Crystal Energy Candles are made with beautiful crystals, herbs , reiki energy, angel healing , organic soy wax.  Aroma is a perfect combination to set your intention during manifesting. These beautiful Crystal Candles are handmade individually. 


Rose Quartz - Rose, jasmine Rosemary 
Helps attract love, balance love, heal heart chakra , self love, kindness friendship zodiac Taurus, libra 

Amethyst- stress relief , Gardenia grapefruit, lavender 
Helps bring balance, release stress, connect with higher self , inner peace, meditation , birth stone - February zodiac Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces 

Blue Calcite - lemon , wood salt sage, basil. Helps with communication, anxiety, frustration, anger, connecting with angels , throat chakra , third eye 

Black Tourmaline- cedar wood, sandalwood, bourbon , palo santo helps with protection ,purification, manifest, transformation , channeling root chakra zodiac Sagittarius , scorpio 

Green Aventurine - Rosemary , pine, Rose, sage helps with heart chakra, imagination, creativity , abundance , calmness , balance, career zodiac Aries, Leo

Clear Quartz- sage, frankincense, myrrh , dragon helps with Clarity, cleansing, balancing, awakening , spirituality , third eye , positive thoughts , forgiveness zodiac Taurus 

Orange Calcite - citrus, mango, peach, lemon helps with empowerment, happiness, positive vibes, change, sexuality releasing emotions, new beginnings solar plexus, sacral chakra zodiac Leo, Cancer
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