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Chakra bath salts

Chakra bath salts

Aromatic salts are the perfect gift. Enjoy a spa day in your home. These relaxing salts help balance , cleanse and detox your energy and chakras. Each container is made with Essiental oils, magnesium salt, epsom salt, lavender, roses, reiki energy, arch Angel healing energy , and specific herbs to help balance chakras.

Directions use 1/3 cups of salts into bath water. Enjoy bath 15-25 min. Breathe , release and cleanse. Calling upon arch Angel Michael to help cleanse any blocked energy. Visualizing white light entering crown chakra all the way to bottom of feet. Take this time to say a small prayer in what you want to release and let go off. Once you’re done releasing start manifest on what you want from this day forward. Once you’re done taking your relaxing bath please drink water or warm tea to help detox and hydration.

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