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Chakra bath bombs

Chakra bath bombs

Bath bombs are indeed a great way to pamper oneself and relax in a luxurious bath experience. The combination of moisturizing properties and delightful scents can truly make bath time a special treat. Just a friendly reminder to be cautious with the use of colored bath bombs in plastic tubs to avoid any potential staining. It's always good to enjoy the fizz and aroma while keeping things clean and tidy!

Custom order available! Pick scent and color.

Happiness- lemon drop

Love- passion Guyaba

Goddess - rose, Gardenia

Serenity -lavender, eucalyptus

Anxiety free- eucalyptus, peppermint,

headache relief- peppermint, rosemary

Grounding- , rosemary , sandalwood

Inner child healing - rose , Ylang ylang

Mermaid goddess - basil, bergamot

Gentlemen - sandalwood, vanilla

gentle skin-

Hemp seed oil bath bombs

Love vibes - patchouli rose

Soothing vibes - lavender, eucalyptus

Healing vibes - lemon, Rosemary

Positive vibes - orange, lemon

Menstrual relief - clary sage, rose

menopause- basil, citrus

postpartum-grapefruit, bergamot

Summer kiss- pineapple mango

Universe - blueberries vanilla

Fluffy Clouds- cotton candy , berries

Barbie - pink sugar

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