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Angel numbers Candles

Angel numbers Candles

This beautiful 8oz. Angel Number Candle brings you a deep connection with your angels. Manifesting your intention as you turn your candle on. Allow your angels to guide, cleanse and balance your energy.

11:11 - intuition Jasmine , basil, spearmint, bergamot, geranium

2:22 alignment - citrus, cedar, patchouli, peach mint

3:33 support - lemon eucalyptus, Rose, sweet grass dandelion

4:44 protection sage, dragon blood, sandalwood,

5:55 new beginnings - Rosemary , peppermint , cactus sea salt

6:66 reflect - sea minerals , vanilla pineapple,

7:77 luck - Apple blossom, coconut gummy bears

8:88 balance lavender, stress relief, eucalyptus spearmint

9:99 release - frankincense, myrrh, lavender sage, geranium grapefruit

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